All City – Street Art
Graphic design folio of Jason Jaram. Hip Hop head, streetfighter II champion.
graphic design, branding, hip hop design, Maori, digital design, Aotearoa design, toi maori, art, graffiti, street art
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All City – Street Art

Growing up in Western Sydney where everybody had a “tag” it was hard not to be influenced by graffiti. Catching the trains to and from school the train lines were an endless art gallery of brown walls broken up by sudden bursts of colour. It was a different world. A world filled with adrenaline, creativity and ego, with its own set of rules to be followed and ignored at your own peril. This is the world that sparked my own interest in all things creative. The world that still influences me as it expands and morphs into art galleries and street art advertising around the world. Below i share some of the things I’ve done that were influenced by this world.


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